Agile Web Design

Agile web development is more efficient and powerful than other models. We incorporate face-to-face communication, which includes the client as part of the team. Agile web development uses project managers, and business analysts, to place emphases on clear goals, planning, and iterative delivery. Agile web development ensures successful completion at the end of each iteration.

Due to the regular involvement and feedback of our clients, tasks such as planning, development, design, coding, testing, etc. are done simultaneously, and are driven by the client’s demands producing greater results and client satisfaction. This also reduces the development cycle time.

Through the use of online collaboration tools, constant communication is maintained, reducing the all too common “surprises”.

Agile web design puts the client and the business first, creating lasting effective results with greater return on investment.

Lisa - Lisa Apfeld is the founder of Reid Business Services.

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