Bone up on your “Soft Skills” in only 15 minutes per week

If you are like many business owners,  you have trouble keeping up with the “soft” skills required to operate your business.  You may have the all the technical or practical knowledge but when it comes to time management, conflict resolution, marketing trends and other soft skills you may be falling short.

It is with the greatest intentions that we purchase the hottest business book, set it on the night stand, load it into our kindle or even download the audio version, but when it comes right down to it who has 10 or even 5 hours to read through a 300-500 page book these days?

Many top CEO’s  have their assistants read these books and prepare short summaries for them, saving them hours.  Sounds great!  If you can afford to pay someone 5, 10 or even 15 hours to read through the 300-500 page book and then prepare a summary for you.

Business Book Summaries is a service I found that does exactly that (but for a lot less than a personal assistant.)  Every week for year a new book summary is delivered to your inbox.  Also included with the subscription is access to their archive of over 800 book summaries.  Each summary is about 8-14 pages long and covers all of the main points.  People will have no idea you never read the whole book.

So now you can keep up-to-date,  join all the cooler and boardroom conversations with confidence,  learn some invaluable business knowledge, and brush up on your “soft skills”  in only 15 minutes per week.  If you are still having trouble finding 15 minutes a week you can download the audio versions to listen on your way to the office!

Buy your self some valuable time at

Lisa - Lisa Apfeld is the founder of Reid Business Services.

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