Business Analysis and Project Management

A staggering number of projects fail due to poor business analysis and project management, some estimates are as high as 75%.  We use proven business analysis and agile project management in all of our services to ensure the highest return on investment. With a certified business analyst and project management leading your project you know you’re in good hands. Great Analysis and Project Management is how we built our reputation.


If you are not selling online you missed out on your share of the $15.1 billion that Canadians spent online last year. We offer a full range of e-commerce solutions designed to suit your particular business needs. From a full blown online shopping cart to simple merchant account integration on your current site, we can help you get your share of the fastest growing market out there.

Social Media

With so many options to consider in the world of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogging, etc.), our team can help you identify the best mix  and develop tools to optimize your impact and keep you connected to your customers.

Search Engine Marketing

Nearly every online Canadian  uses search engines to find and research products and services before they buy. People used to open their phone books now they open their web browsers. Using search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising campaigns, we ensure that your business message is delivered to your target market.

Web Analytics

Ask not what you can do for your website, but what can your website do for you? Using sophisticated analytic tools we can tell you how your website is performing, identify areas of improvement and continuously measure the success of your online and social media marketing campaigns.

Web Design

Don’t have a website yet or have one that you can’t update?  No problem, our team is known for its technical and creative expertise.  We provide training and build our sites so you can make changes your self or if you prefer we can handle it all for you.

Logo Design

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, every business needs a strong, memorable and eye-catching identity. That’s where our team of designers comes in. Armed powerful design tools and gifted imaginations, we love help you uncover your unique corporate look and then apply it in the most creative ways to everything you do.

Several of our services qualify for various government funding opportunities.

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